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Michael Brodeur

I was raised in San Francisco during the counter-culture movement of the 1960’s, and as a result was deeply influenced by the philosophies and indulgences of that era. In 1974, while hitchhiking around the United States, I had a series of encounters with people of faith who shared their beliefs with me. As a result I made a decision to dedicate my life to God. A year later, while living with some Blackfoot Indian believers on a reservation in Montana, I had a profound spiritual experience that impacted me deeply and set the course of my life.

In 1977 I returned to San Francisco as part of a non-profit organization. This provided on-the-job training for ministry while serving the poor and establishing a new local church. In 1979 I co-founded a ministry called SOS San Francisco that united dozens of churches and organizations, and mobilized thousands of believers for outreach on the streets of San Francisco. It was during a ten day SOS outreach in the summer of 1980 that I met my wife, Diane. We were married six months later and now have seven children living throughout the state of California.

1n 1984, after completing our training Diane and I began to build a relationship with John Wimber. We launched a new church in the city called The Vineyard. This church grew rapidly and soon became one of the largest San Francisco had seen in a generation, ultimately growing close to a thousand people in size. I served as the lead pastor of this church for the next twenty-five years through many challenges and breakthroughs. We continually ministered to the poor and unreached, healed broken hearts, trained hundreds of leaders, and created opportunities for thousands of people to discover their divine design and fulfill their God-given dreams.

In 2010, after 33 years of service in the city, Diane and I received clear guidance that we should move to Redding, California and turn our congregation over to a new leader who will carry our vision into the future. After our move I began to work for two organizations: Global Legacy and Jesus Culture. Global Legacy provides resource and support for thousands of leaders, churches and organizations around the world. Jesus 380932_10150557695061808_1290764130_nCulture is a global ministry that trains youth and young adults to be world-changing leaders who influence and impact every sphere of society.

Since leaving the city I also launched Destinyfinder.com, an online personal discovery and development system that helps individuals identify their spiritual gifts and passions, and become the person God created them to be. I am the author of the Destiny Finder book and other related materials that provide additional information and growth tools for our participants.

I am also the author of Revival Culture: Preparing the Church for the Next Great Awakening (published by Regal). This book includes a chapter of profound insights from Bill Johnson, the leader of Bethel Church, and two chapters by Banning Liebscher, the Director of Jesus Culture, where I served as Director of the Culture Project: a Forty Year Mentoring Strategy to raise up tomorrow’s leaders. In addition, I teach several classes in the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, California, and provide consulting services for various churches and organizations around the world.

As a result of this rich and varied history I write on personal destiny discovery, church and organizational leadership, church planting, and cultural transformation.