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MICHAEL & DIANE – Passionate About Seeing God’s Kingdom Come

Michael and Diane are available to lead complete conferences but can adapt any of these following topics to a single evening or Sunday Morning Service. In addition, Michael has hundreds of teachings on almost every imaginable topic. If you have a specific need, don’t hesitate to ask. Here are a few seminars Michael has taught to give you an idea of what is possible.

NATURALLY SUPERNATURAL – Living in the Power of the Holy Spirit

God is moving on the earth in an unprecedented way. The gifts of the Spirit, healing, deliverance, divine encounters are becoming an increasingly normal part of the Christian life. Yet Jesus promised that we would do greater works than Him through the power of the Holy Spirit. This conference is designed to help you grow in your experience of the Presence, Power and Purpose of God.

DESTINY FINDER WORKSHOP – Discovering Your Purpose in Christ

We are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works… yet many believers never have an opportunity to discover and develop their true gifts and calling in the Lord. This conference provides powerful teaching and practical discovery tools to help people become who God has called them to be.

WHOLEHEARTED – Healing and Transforming Your Inner World

Each of us has a Heart Garden, designed by God to be a place of fulfillment and fruitfulness but because of we live in a broken world, our hearts have become damaged, overgrown and infested. This seminar empowers people to resolve the pain and brokenness of the past and move into true freedom in the Holy Spirit.

POWER ENCOUNTERS – How to Set the Spiritual Captives Free

As believers we have been drafted into the army of God and have been empowered by the ReviveHoly Spirit to set the captives free. The weapons of our warfare are not natural but supernaturally powerful to demolish strongholds. This seminar equips and empowers God’s people to engage spiritual warfare from our victorious position in Christ and apply His victory to the human heart and the various spheres of life.

REVIVAL REMIX – Preparing God’s People for the Coming Harvest

Many people are predicting a billion soul harvest but very few people are doing the math. This coming harvest is distinct in many ways from those of the past and if we fail to prepare carefully, we could miss God’s best. A harvest of this size will require millions of new leaders to be trained and will change the way we witness, make disciples, lead churches and impact nations. It’s time to get ready!

THE CITY OF GOD – Influencing the Five Spheres of Influence

One of the most profound revelations of our day is the teaching about the Seven Mountains, pioneered by Loren Cunningham and Bill Bright. Michael has combined his personal revelation on the subject with over thirty years of urban experience and has produced this inspirational and practical guide to penetrating what he calls the five spheres of influence.



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