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Healthy Leadership

Healthy leadership is critical to the wellbeing of the Body of Christ, but every so often, even the best leaders get stuck. In times like these we can all use a coach to guide us past the roadblocks and back onto the super highway of life.

Michael brings over 30 years of leadership development experience to assist you in your journey into fruitfulness and fulfillment. He has coached hundreds of leaders and ministries over the years and has brought benefit to many. Over the years he has developed a coaching framework that is wholistic and comprehensive helping leaders to discover their true callings and remove the hindrances that would keep them from “laying hold of that for which Christ laid hold of them.”.

Michael is available for one-time coaching or for ongoing leadership mentoring.


Michael served for almost 5 years as an Area Pastoral Coordinator and around the same amount of time as a District Overseer in the Association of Vineyard Churches. During this time he counseled dozens of churches, helping them to define vision and mission and troubleshoot challenges along the way. For the last decade, he has continued to serve other churches and ministries in the role of a consultant.

Throughout his 33 years of ministry Michael has studied Church structure and leadership in an in-depth manner. He has received training under several life coaches and ministry consultants. Most recently, he brought the Promised Land Team to the Supernatural Strategic Planning Workshop led by Paul Manwarring, the director of Global Legacy, Bethel Church’s relational oversight network.

A thorough evaluation takes a few weeks and includes questionnaires, personal interviews, a complete review of church vision and mission statements and a comprehensive feedback session with the leadership team and the senior leader. The cost is negotiable.



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